MAY 23

We're excited to share a preview of our first restaurant / wine-bar project, located in the Algarve.


Demolition works in progress for our Primary School refurbishment in Vila Nova de Paiva.


The entrance to our Occupational Centre for Disabled People, an exciting project we've been working on which is now heading for Planning. More details soon!


Visual transitions. Our project Palace 1.3.2 through the incredible work of Dan Graham.


Concept study for our Occupational Centre for Disabled People.


APARTMENT 3.1.1 We have recently completed the full refurbishment of an apartment by the seaside, near Lisbon.

LODGE 1.15.3

Birch ply and pine timber model built for our eco-lodge project in Ria de Aveiro.


PALACE 1.3.2 Construction works have now started for the refurbishment of a beautiful 18th century palace surrounded by salt flats near Lisbon.


ESCOLA 2.5.2 Our Primary School refurbishment and extension is heading towards construction, with works due to start in early 2023.

CASA 4.1.2

Pine timber model for a profiled facade study of a residential project.


PATIO 1.3.2 Our project comprising a classic car garage, wine cellar and outdoor kitchen in Leiria has just been granted Planning Permission.


CASA 3.3.2 Planning Permission granted for a single family house near Pombal.

PALACE 1.3.2

SALTO has been working on the refurbishment of an 18th centruy palace near Lisbon, which will turn the historical building into a residencial / art gallery space.


Visit to the incredible Galrão Quarry in Estremoz to source some beautiful marble stone for a residential project near Lisbon.


SALTO BOOK Our first portfolio book has just landed in our desks. Get in touch to request a copy.


Digital Timber Model for a residential project concept study.