Five Elevations. Three Rooms. Eight Ridges.

An inclusive architecture envelope hosts an Occupational Centre for Disabled People (CACI), designed under the metaphor of a dream factory, encouraging users to benefit from their experience in the centre as a daily job.

Sawtooth roofs on a metal frame structural system define the volumetry of the centre, inspired by industrial architecture buildings, in order to provide an iconographic layer that can be recognized and cheered by its users. A carefully modeled roof is interpreted as the fifth elevation, so it can be proudly overlooked by the surrounding neighbouring buildings on higher ground.

430 m2
Vila Nova de Paiva, Portugal | 2022 (On-going)
Client: ASSAP 
Technical Design


A floor plan defined by four key volumes connected via a central lobby gives way to the three main rooms of the programme, conceived with different plan shapes, heights, solar exposure and materials, according to the type of activities users will enroll within them: Activities Room, Meals Room and Social Room.