Two fireplaces. One Patio. One viewpoint.

A modest gate across a narrow facade front leads to an alley, which opens up to a large patio, becoming the epicenter of the house.

A contemporary interpretation of the vernacular patio-houses of Alentejo, making use of traditional construction techniques and locally sourced materials throughout the building. The constant articulation of plan shapes becomes the dominant massing principle for the elevations and shading elements along the facade.

230 m2
Mourão, Portugal | 2023 (On-going)
Private Client 
Awaiting Planning Permission

PATIO 2.1.1

Clear boundaries between internal and external zones define two different environments, in order to improve the building’s thermal performance against Alentejo’s heat. Shading pergolas, an external fireplace, and a rooftop viewpoint define the spatial identity of the (external) patio as a stand alone environment.