Two Extensions. Five curves. Two Eras.

The refurbishment of a disused primary school from the seventies is complemented by two new extensions, exclusive to the playground and canteen areas.

The interaction between Play and Study zones sets the rulebook for the design, where curved and organic spaces are linked with playground activities and orthogonal, more rational areas, with focused / studying zones.

1660 m2
Vila Nova de Paiva, Portugal | 2022
Câmara Municipal de Vila Nova de Paiva
Technical Design (On-going)


Aquilino Ribeiro, a prominent portuguese novelist from the 20th century, was born and raised in the Paiva region, with his work turning out to be heavily influenced by this geographic context. The future Aquilino Ribeiro School celebrates the work of the late novelist throughout its facade, where scripts from the “Terras do Demo” book are carved throughout the ceramic cladding.

"A serra é agreste, primitiva, mas tem carácter, sem dúvida. Comprazes-te em pintar-lhe as virtudes e encantos sem sombras, e não serei eu que te acoime de parcial. As tintas escuras são para o novelista e tens razão."

The cladding to the new facades adds depth to the curved plan shape through profiled ceramic tiles, which cause the building appearance to vary throughout the day due to its concave surface.

Twenties vs Seventies. The material palette for the internal spaces of the building reflects the dialogue between the two different eras of the school.