SALTO (pt)
1. An act of jumping; leap.
2. To abruptly spring free from the ground by muscular action to overcome a certain space or to return to the same spot.

Following ten years of collaboration between London and Zurich, Andre and Marco jumped back home to Lisbon, proudly excited by the unique possibility of materializing the way they see, think, and make architecture.

SALTO is an architecture and interior design studio, operating projects across the country from its hybrid base in Lisbon, Portugal.

Heden Rossio (by appointment)
Largo do Duque de Cadaval, 17 - 1
1200-160 Lisboa
+351 914 229 344

Andre Nave

Andre founded Salto Studio with Marco in 2021.
He began his career in Lisbon, working for Bica Arquitectos and Broadway Malyan, before settling in London, where he’s gained a prolific international experience in various architecture typologies, scales and details.

Having worked at Piercy & Company and Jump Studios, his wide knowledge of office building design, retail and workplace fit-out have granted him Lead positions in projects for clients like Derwent London, Google, Saatchi & Saatchi or Boston Consulting Group in Europe, US and the Middle-East.

Marco Dos Santos

Marco founded Salto Studio with Andre in 2021.
His extensive knowledge in various scales of housing projects commenced in Bica Arquitectos, where he worked as project and design lead for 8 years.

Having worked at Jump Studios (London), he was project lead for the Google HQ Tel-Aviv before relocating to Switzerland, where he worked with Küchel Architects in St. Moritz, and Suzanne Fritz Architekten in Zurich, having gained a vast experience in private housing projects and hospitality competitions within Europe and the Middle East.